Our Story

The journey to delivering accessible first aid for all.

Actions for Survival was launched in 2004, it’s owners coming from the emergency and healthcare industries. The company quickly established itself and developed a reputation for delivering quality, fun and innovative courses. Actions for Survival is known for being a leader in working towards ensuring that standards and compliance are not only adhered to but are actively are engaged in working towards raising standards in the first aid industry.

Our Values

Quality, compliant training designed to be accessible to everybody

We believe that the skills to save a life are something everybody should know about. The theory behind these skills are important,but having the confidence to use them in a medical emergency is a focal point of our training.,,It is also important that someone undertaking a first aid course, confident that what they learn is consistent with the standards adopted by New Zealand. Actions for Survival is committed to following these standards and delivering a course that meets the needs of our learners and their communities

Our Project

A community project

In 2011 Actions for Survival began work on an idea which would allow us to make first aid training accessible to all members of the community. And thus was born First Aid for All a community-based project allowing people to learn for free and offering the chance to obtain a recognised first aid qualification. We are all about helping you to gain the knowledge needed to manage a medical emergency wherever you may be at home at work tramping playing a sport or just out for a quiet evening when something life-threatening happens. We know training can be expensive and time-consuming. Our project is designed to counter both these hurdles. Having not only the knowledge but also the confidence to manage a medical emergency can be life-changing not only for you and your family but also for the complete stranger who may be the recipient of your care. Our project is designed to help make New Zealand a safer place goals that shouldn’t be difficult or frustrating. We want to enable you to learn simple skills that may one day save a life.

Our Commitment


We want to provide you with the opportunity to learn simple skills that may one day save a person’s life.


There will be a tutor available via live chat between 9 am and 4 pm to answer any questions you may have. At other times questions can be asked via email.


The training you receive here is no different to the training you will receive in a classroom.


Once you have completed all the components of your free course you have the option to transfer your learning into a formally recognised qualification.


We will provide with the knowledge that will allow you the opportunity to successfully complete a New Zealand recognised qualification.


The organisation you have registered with will have a list of assessment dates available. Simply book into one of these sessions and convert the skills you have learned during a practical assessment.


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