Basic First Aid

Basic First Aid

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Course Description

Basic First Aid is the second module in the course and covers topics that include shock , bleeding, trauma from burns, fractures, soft tissue injuries and also poisons. There are also medical conditions such as heart attacks, asthma, stroke , seizures and diabetes.


Our learning is designed to be completely free and as you know already this has been designed as a community-based project. Having completed this module you will proceed onto enrolling for Intermediate First Aid. Upon finishing the Intermediate First Aid modules you will then have the opportunity to undertake a formal practical assessment that will lead to a recognised qualification. This module provides you with all the learning to complete the Basic First Aid assessment.

Learning Outcomes

  •  Complete 26 modules of Basic First Aid, Part 2 of 3 segments.
  • How to assess and manage a person for accepted practice for first aid including – shock , bleeding , trauma from burns , fractures , soft tissue injuries and poisoning.
  • How to assess and manage people with medical conditions such as heart attacks, asthma , strokes , seizures and diabetes.

Course Content

Total learning: 13 lessons / 13 quizzes Time: 10 weeks
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