Frequently Asked

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to an assessment?

Comfortable, casual clothing is required as you will need to undertake activities such as bending, kneeling and lying on the floor.

What should I bring to an assessment?

Pen, lunch and proof of completed online training (certificate).

If completing an Intermediate First Aid Refresher course, please bring your current Intermediate First Aid certificate

How early do I need to arrive before an assessment?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to course commencement.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my assessment?

Please read our cancellation policy on your booking confirmation.

I am a qualified First Aider from overseas. Are my qualifications valid in New Zealand?

Please contact us directly to discuss whether your qualifications are able to be recognised in New Zealand.

What is a Unit Standard?

A unit standard is one component of a qualification within a training package. Unit standards can be combined within a training course or can be delivered by themselves.

My first aid certificate ran out last week. Do I have to do the full course again?

There is currently no refresher course for a Basic First Aid certificate however refresher courses for an Intermediate First Aid certificate are required to be completed within 3 months of the expiry date on your certificate. If you do not complete your refresher course within the 3 months you are required to complete the full Intermediate First Aid course again.  

How do I make a group booking?

Contact us on 09 271 2402 or our free number 0508 11 22 22 for more information on course pricing, we can even tailor the course to suit your course needs.

When do I need to advise if I can not make my assessment date?

Please read our cancellation policy on your booking confirmation.

Why do I need to do CPR on the floor for my assessment?

It is an NZRC requirement that CPR for an adult or child is done on a firm flat surface, however CPR on an adult or a child can not be performed effectively unless it is done on the floor.


What if I have learning difficulties?

If you have any special needs (including those related to language, literacy or numeracy) a relevant disability or concern, please contact us when you book so that appropriate assistance can be negotiated. If a person is required please note all associated costs are your responsibility. 

Who should take this course?

Our  online courses are designed to accommodate those people wishing to learn Basic Life Support, Basic First Aid and/or Intermediate First Aid (or complete refresher training) but who schedules may not permit lengthy classes and expensive one on one training sessions. All persons will benefit from the skills gained in our courses and will prepare those for an emergency situation.

Is First Aid difficult to learn?

First Aid consists of knowledge and skills, both of which can be learnt by any able-bodied person, adult, teenager or child.

What happens once I have completed the online training?

If you wish to gain the relevant NZQA unit standards once you have completed the online training, follow the enrollment process and book in for an assessment. Upon successful completion of the assessment you will be awarded your relevant First Aid certificate.

When does my certificate expire?

All certificates are valid for 2 years from date of issue.

How long does it take to receive my certificate?

Certificates will take a maximum of 2 weeks to be received via the post. 

If I do not successfully complete the assessment can I resit?

Yes you can resit the assessments however you will need to re-book and depending on the situation this may be at an extra cost.

Is this E-Learning programme free?

Yes this E-Learning programme is absolutely free, you are only required to pay if you book in an assessment (if you require a certificate)

Will you send me books, CDs, DVDs or PDF files?

No material needs to be sent out as all your learning is completed online.

How can I start the course?

All you need to do is register by clicking here and enrolling in the course you require.

Can I access my courses from any computer?

Yes, all you need is an internet connection and your account login information.

Will E-Learning work on my smartphone, tablet and other hand held devices?

All devices will support our E-Learning programme.

Where do classes take place?

The E-Learning component takes place anywhere that you login to your training. The assessment component takes place at a prearranged venue. 

Is this course available in languages other than English?

Courses will soon be launched in Te Reo Maori.

Can i take an individual unit without signing up for the entire course?

If you wish to do this please contact us directly.

If I logout before completing the full training will my progress be saved?

Yes your progress will be saved.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payments via cheque or bank transfer.

Payment is required before your assessment date is confirmed.

I have lost my certificate, how do I get a replacement?

Please send an email to with these details:

Full Name

Date of Birth

Course completion date

Postal Address

Please note there any be a charge of $5 for certificates to be reprinted and posted.

Which course is right for me?

If you are unsure what course you require please contact us directly to discuss course options.

When is your next assessment date?

Please find all assessment dates here. (link to public course page

My English is not very strong. I Am worried that I may not understand the course material, what should I do?

You can arrange to have an interpreter (at your own cost) however assessments must be completed in English.