Privacy, Confidentiality 

and Sensitive Issues.

Getting ready here is the Information about your assessment,

how your information is managed and confirmation

 that you understand the assessment process.    

It is acknowledged that when exploring the issues of drugs and alcohol this can be a very sensitive subject. We need to protect the privacy and confidentiality of anyone we refer to in the assessment documents. Please do not use a person’s name and only give information in the assessment booklet about yourself that you are happy to share.

Any information contained in the assessment documents will remain confidential. Should you have any concerns about the topics being covered, please do not hesitate to contact us on 09 271 2402 or refer to the Pastoral care document on the web site or any of the listed contacts at the end of the workbook.

Candidate Declaration:

  1. I agree to be assessed against this unit standard
  2. I have been informed of the purpose and process of the assessment.
  3. I am aware of the appeals system available to me and what happens to the assessment result.
  4. I have prepared the answers myself.
  5. I understand that this document may be used for moderation and quality control purposes.

I confirm the above declaration and wish to continue to the assessment.