Kindercare Learning Centre

At Kindercare, Safety is our number one value and that’s why we choose First Aid for All – because we recognise how essential it is for our team to have the training, knowledge and skill to respond confidently, when a baby, toddler or preschooler in our childcare centres needs first aid. First Aid for All has taken care of our first aid training for over ten years, and online country-wide since 2018. The online option has made a significant difference for our busy team, who now have the flexibility to complete the theory component in their own time, and many of them find they learn more doing it in their own time and space, then in a group ‘classroom’ setting. It has also reduced the amount of face-to-face time needed for the practical component, which our team appreciate.

Partnering with First Aid for All has made it possible for Kindercare to give back to the community, with a portion of what we pay for courses, going towards the cost of purchasing new defibrillators in the community. These will be placed securely outside, at selected Kindercare sites, meaning the local community will have access to this potentially life-saving equipment 24/7. And a segment of the money we raise through our First Aid courses is also allocated to covering the cost of First Aid training for our ‘Young Mum’ program, at our Living and Learning centre in Henderson – giving young Mums the essential First Aid skills they need to care for their little ones.


of $2,000 Raised

$20 Donated by Cornwall Park School