Manurewa High School

The Humanitarian Aid Leadership Programme (HALP) has been a unique, organic (would change constantly to meet the needs of those interested) and very special thing.  I believe that every student and teacher who has been involved with HALP has learned about themselves, the world, some of the inequities of the world and how they can help if they set their mind to it.  I believe that every person who has gone on a HALP trip (and there are over 120 people who have travelled internationally on MHS HALP trips to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand) have gone for the reasons that are right for them.  Everyone who has gone has returned with memories for life and experiences they will not get anywhere else.  These experiences and memories shape their attitudes and the way they interact and respect other people for years to come.

There are many success stories.  One student, who travelled in 2010 to Cambodia went back and lived there for some time.  She was asked by the war crimes tribunal in Cambodia to take on the role as a legal counsel in the trials against the perpetrators of genocide which she did for 6 months. Stories like these are life changing (for individuals and for a generation of Cambodians) and would not have come about if the opportunity to go on the HALP trip was not present in the first place.  Many students have gone on to study health science, nursing, engineering.

The HALP trip is one of the programmes that MHS run that educate and develops the whole person. The students learn how the real world works, and how to overcome the hurdles and attitudes they meet on the way and more often than not come to a great appreciation of their own world.  It highlights that while yes we live in a low socio economic community and the students attend a Decile 1 school made up of predominantly Pacifika students, they actually live in a good place, that there are other places in the world where people have it worse than they do. It challenges their thinking. Parents have often commented on the difference they see in their returning children.

Students have been asked for $3850 (this covers almost everything including 90% of the meals)

MHS policy is to pay for half of 1 staff member – $1900

We have currently fundraised approximately $2000 and hope to fundraise a further $1500 – $2000 – this will help cover the remaining meals (as well as possibly reducing the cost of the trip for the students)


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of $2,000 Raised

$200 donated by Girls Brigade Papatoetoe

$600 raised by Manurewa High Staff