Our primary objective is to provide a volunteer surf lifeguard patrol service at New Brighton beach. Our dedicated lifeguards are rostered on patrol duties for approximately 6 weekend days each, spread over the summer season.

The patrol season usually extends from the third weekend in November through to the second weekend in March.

Our highly skilled and experienced instructors train new members to become surf lifeguards. The surf lifeguard development framework provides progression through higher lifeguarding qualifications where members will learn a wide range of skills in water recovery, beach safety, use of rescue equipment and first aid. Surf Life Saving is not just about surf patrol. Surf Life Saving is also a sport which offers a wide range of both individual and team disciplines and events. At New Brighton, we cater for the beginners to the advanced.

One of our requirements is to hold a full workplace first aid certificate and through Actions for Survival, not only do we meet our requirements but we are also raising money for a defibrillator for our community through every course that we complete.

Having a defibrillator available gives the best opportunity for survival and that is why we believe there should be a 24/7 publicly accessible defibrillator available.

Help us reach our goal and put more defibrillators into the community by taking part in a First Aid for All course. You can do this by contacting Surf Life Saving or Actions for survival directly.

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